Last semester embryology was a tsunami that knocked me down and... then just continued on its forceful path away and away from me. A metaphor to describe the word overwhelming. I'm reading and learning how the embryo develops day by day... Now I want to say something like "and it WORKS!!", well duh you might think; meanwhile I'm very happy that I'm no longer "just memorizing". At least that's how I feel. High five :D


  1. Hi =) congratulations on all of your exemptions. I really admire how hard working you are. Just wanted to know how exactly are you studying for the theoretical with the histology practical on top (are you using samman notes and such)? I am in a bit worse position and don't really know how to handle all the material. Please assist your fellow student.

  2. Hi!! Well, I made a plan, hopefully it will work?

    1. I stuided all of general embryology (excluding chapter 9), these are the basics, a great overview! I wathced a couple of Kaplan videos as they were very helpful for the 3D image. So far I studied from the official textbook, but I bought "notes" from the copy shop too that are a summary of the text in the book that I will use for revision in the last day.

    2. I printed the topics for the final exam and marked those that overlap with my histology SCT. All material is important, but the remaining self controls are especially important, so I will study those topics first that overlap in material. I'm using my notes from class and the official textbook for histo, and I test myself with identifying/explaining the important structures in the slides!

    3. I will study the remainder of the self control material that was not in the theoretical topic list, so that I'm sure I won't fail because of the self control!!

    4. I will study the rest of the theoretical material. For anatomy (which I focus the least on) I will use the ESSENTIAL anatomy textbook, do you know about it? It is the same as the clinically oriented but much shorter! My boyfriend has it and he always gets a better grade than me even though the content is simplified. If you have an anat SCT this book can save you a lot of time! That's all I use for anatomy... A lot of people like the Saman notes but I personally don't, they always need correction and I feel like if I don't stuff them with my own notes then they are just a waste of time =( because some of the material is wrong or not according to the department.. but other people go all in for Saman and they do good so I guess it should work?

    5. Revise as much as possible :O

  3. But this is just my plan!! we're almost done now with this semester this is the last sweat and thereafter we can finally relax a bit if we just finish!!! =)
    Don't forget to breathe a little!! Good luck with everything!!! Happy new year =)

  4. Thank you so much and happy new year =)


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