Escape, time and "fun" questions

Do you know what your name means? - No I don't remember... update: I checked it and the most common meaning is rebel and bitter. HA-HA!
Do you believe in love at first sight? - Not true love, but it's possible to be "stricken" in a way that you keep thinking about that person as if you were in love, I know that hehe.
How often do you work out? - Every 2nd day but I have missed out sometimes because of school.
How tall are you? - 172 cm.
How much do you weigh? - 57,5 kg (yesterday).

Love or money? - Love!!
What are you afraid of? - Death. Hehe but yes really...
Who was the last person you saw? - Dennis.
What did you write in your last text message and to who? - I wrote "Thanks :) :) :)" to Bendy.
Do you prefer calling or texting? - Calling.
When did you wake up today? - 14.55 :S
How to impress you? - Hmm I don't know, be better at something than me? Höhö
Do you curse? - On occasion.
Do you snore? - Haha... yes, ever since I had mononucleosis ("kissing disease") a few years ago.
Boobs or ass? - Ass!
Face or body? - I would not date a nice face if it didn't come with a good body :S
A bad habit? - Yes I tug off split ends of my hair when I'm distracted or bored =(
What colour are your gym shoes? - Black and pink :D
Do you sleep with or without clothes? - Without whenever I can but it's too cold now...
How many pillows in your bed? - Three (not mine).
Which ice cream is your favourite? - I don't know... every time I develop a favourite ice cream they stop selling it!! I swear this has happened at least four times in my life! My last favourite was the Magnum coco choc, I still dream about it...
Have you thrown up because of alcohol? - Yes.
Do you like coffee? - I lovelovelove coffee! With milk.
Do you smoke? - No I haven't even tried hehe.
Are you good at math? - Average. But I think I would be good at math if I took it now.
Have you had a one night stand? - No... I wouldn't enjoy having sex with a stranger even if he was suuuuper attractive.
Have you ever been cheated on? - I don't think so.
Have you cheated on someone? - No.
Are you good at card games? - I win more than half of the games I play, I guess?
Do you feel like you are surrounded by friends? - I'm starting to feel that way again, it has been something that I've missed from home.
What is your usual bed time? - There is no such thing in my life at the moment.
Favourite food? - Pancakes with minced meat awhwawhah <3<3<3
If you would have one plastic surgery what would it be? - I think I won't do it but I would cut down on my nose bridge.
Do you want to have kids? - Yes!!
What part of your body do you like the most? - I like my body. I choose my ass.

What languages do you speak? - Swedish, English, Russian. Basic French, and Hungarian is coming together.
City or countryside? - BOTH and some variation. If I have to choose ONE I say countryside.

What would you like to spend more money on? - Fashion and travelling.
What is your biggest scar on your body? - On my knee from ACL reconstructive surgery.
Do you flirt a lot? - I know that I'm flirty, it's a part of my humour and nothing too serious.
Latest novel you read? - Pride and prejudice but I haven't finished it, the wit-rich dialogues are annoying!
Do you follow the news? - Just news in Swedish newspapers.
Are you able to change the oil of a car? - I doubt it!
Are you good at dancing? Not really, but I love dancing :D

What was the last thing you wrote down on a piece of paper? Last thing I wrote was the Hungarian written exam.

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