Principles allover

Biophysics occupies all my study time. Ugh! I have an interest for it but I'm also getting increasingly annoyed as different sources explain the same concept in (this is how it feels at the moment) entirelly different manners. I never studied physics before...

I'm also disturbed by the mail that I recieve to this adress. Firstly, it consists of 85% shit commercial stuff. 5% is letters to me and/or my room mate. 10% is letters to someone else. Like today I collected a kepeslap:ed postcard to Nguyen Thanh. How relevant is that!!

And it stings my existence, that no one recycles around here. Like all this shit commercial stuff - no one keeps it, it goes straight down the trash can, of which the content is carelessly emptied at some garbage mountain around a suburb area, where it stays until human life decays. There's no system and obviously no one cares enough to do anything...

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