Took me two weeks to find these tights, in my size, without "JUST DO IT" typed allover the right leg... then another two weeks to recieve them... then another two minutes to cut away the washing instructions along with the seam, creating a hole on the middle of my butt! Despair much!? Sobbed my way to a seamstress who did an okay job... and yesterday I finally wore my beloved blue leg-a-see's made from cotton and recycled polyester. Story of my tights. Luuuv.

I got a job today as "hospital doctor" - starting from February 2017, haha. I now have 3/6 rotational practices planned for 6th year which feels very good.

Past week in exercise:
Thursday: gym (shoulders, legs quad-dominant)
Saturday: nothing
Sunday: thaiboxing
Monday: thaiboxing
Tuesday: gym (back)
Wednesday: gym (triceps, hamstrings, abs)
Thursday: nothing

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