Minus a lot

I had two exams this week so unfortunately I don't have better before - and after pics, but I love the cut, and what a nice hairdresser! He really cared for exactly what I wanted and cut it just like I asked him. I don't know the name of his studio but it's at Jenö u. 17, if someone wants his number just let me know.

Both exams went great, I got a 5 in both hematology and forensic medicine and it feels so good. Now I have just one exam left in about two weeks, and then I'm done with my last semester of studies here.

Spoiling myself these past days... Sitting here chilling with a beer and checking my online orders just enjoyiiing being free of duty haha. But I also dropped 600 grams of raw chicken on the kitchen floor today and had to break into my mailbox, which a neighbor had locked for me, somehow... I don't even have a key to it myself... ANYWAYS. None of it matters. Could life get any better? Hardly.

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