Best day evaah

We continued on the street past Cutler (gym) and kept going until we were I don't know where, turned right at some point... it was soo nice :D Caught some rays on the way you know. ALSO got super excited when I saw a huge snake swimming; googled it when I got home and it seams to have been a large "Dice snake" which apparently is like the most commonest snake in Europe. Haha but we don't have that version of "Snok" in Sweden okay!! This one was green and had dots and suff.

Finished the walk after three hours but extended a bit to McDonalds. Lady asked me if I want 6, 9 or 12 nuggets... I never ordered them before so I said 6. Then she said "if you order six you get another six for free!!" haha ???

Love my life.

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