Laughing disorder

Caught some laughing disorder.. can't stop laughing. Constantly close to laughter and giggling the past weeks. A very pleasant state to be in, and infectious too have I noticed.

In the middle of my sixth semester and I think that I'm constantly happy simply because I really like it here now. I remember first year; alienated, dissapointed in my social life and sooo much to study...

The workload - you get used to it. Yeah we still complain but hey what can I say, it works :P I appreciate my friends here bunches, have everything that I need, so I'm starting to feel like Debrecen is a part of me!? AND gaash I've realised that I could never live like I do here on my study loan if I studied back home in Sweden. Everything is so cheap here. Like spaghetti bolognese in school, 15 SEK. A glass of wine anywhere, 8 SEK.

And Dennis... gold. He has been by my side the whole time. Our relationship is so simple somehow. When someone says "relationships are haard" I feel like, no they're not!?

He has grown so much though, I can barely remember the old Dennis. Honestly I didn't expect much from him when we got here and moved in together, I was like hell, give it a try. It worked out so well that I think we're going to make babies one day. Well we'll see but.. :P ya know.


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