Once more did I forget to wear mascara; I keep leaving it out when I'm doing my "party makeup". I mean, I understand how I do forget about it... because usually I put mascara in the morning so I'm probably sort of thinking that I'm still wearing it although I always wash my face clean before I do my makeup... but still!? Doesn't even help to actively think "not to forget the mascara".

Aaanyways! Me Maria and Marianna went to LOFT which was my first visit there and it was fun. Took a while before the place got into the right mood altogether but we had a great time and eventually others seemed to have it too. Felt goodlooking in my coral/orange dress. I love this dress but it's falling apart :( Threads are sticking out everywhere and it gets worse with every wash, unfortunately.

Met a super happy Bendy towards the end of the evening, so glad that I saw her too :D

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