Carnival :D

We started around 19 at Tieger's last night and headed out to the "Brazilian carnival" about two hours later. Holy, I had a blast. Hyper all night :D At some point we went downtown to Bakelit and some pizza at Pomodoro. Eaarly did I go home.

When I was showering around 2AM I started having dreams, like going in to REM, finally I CRASHED into bed and (apparently) started snoring "like hell". I drank so much wine.. uggh!! yet this morning woke up feeling well rested and perfectly fine. This is terrible. But fyi, before I went to bed I had 450 ml of "natural" kefir and two glasses of water and like 5 - 7 strawberries. Try it next time you go to bed drunk!?

Somehow I took 107 photos last night, haha! Here are some :) I used pizza box, black paper, glue, nail polish and a flower stick to make my "mask" lol.

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