Articles and sidebars flashing "Selena Gomez got a boobjob!?" Actually me too, I do think of it as a big deal. Another young female has admitted that she will not be truly beautiful without a larger bosom.

I'm getting so sick of silicone boobs. I see one "fitness icon" after the other, for instance on instagram, post their new sports bra or bikini suddenly filled up with silicone. These are girls that seemingly strive towards being strong and healthy, but then simply cannot stand how their breasts decrease in size along with the emergence of a fit body.

I was not blessed with a lot of breast tissue. Since I got into my twenties I've been very proud of my body, but growing up I was every so often self-concious regarding this matter. It didn't help that one of my best friends (guy) advised me to seriously consider having a boobjob unless they grew any bigger. Really, it's important he said. His honest opinion at the time. I also remember girls approaching me with good intention, with the tip that their boobs grew a lot since they started with birth control pills...

Even if I feel content today I obviously think about these things. I prefer wearing high-neck tops because it gives a fuller apperance. I buy padded bras. But then occasionally I see a flat-chested woman wearing a deep V-neck and I think it is so, so beautiful. I admire these women for exposing how truly beautiful they are, as they are. To me they glow of confidence. I salute Keira Knightley for not giving a crap about the rest of Hollywood, even when her breasts are constantly retouched into a bigger size in advertisement.

Sure me too the idea of augmentation has struck me. But then the thought of being insecure to such an extent, to go through anesthesia and surgery in order to feel... what is it, complete as a woman? To wear and carry foreign objects inside your body wherever you go. Relearn how to do push-ups with a couple of hundred mililiters minimum placed placed behind the pectoral muscles. Some girls can't lift their arms for weeks after the surgery because the muscle has been destroyed. Always a risk of leakage or bursting. And then having those changed every 10th year and go through the recovery process again, with possibility of complications such as infection or loss of sensation. Did you know the body has created a thick fibrous capsule around the implants by the time they are taken out, to protect the body from the foreign material?

All of it just to appeal more to others, to be a 10/10. I refuse. I wish more young women could do the same. Why are they not happy about themselves until they succumb to this ideal, even with all sacrifices that breast implants come with...


  1. Nice I like the way you think Maria! :) You are right more ppl should be happy with their own body, and should change what they can change without surgery ( like start doing some activity...go to gym, or whatever)

  2. indeed :) but then breasts are exceptional, one could gain some muscle but it's hard to make a change in this area, gaining weight works for some... it's clear why silicone is an option. But to go through the pros and cons and still have them implanted... at such a cost, for whom!?


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