August brings clouds of poofy moisture to swedish summer skies, why an individual being situated outdoors may frequently shift between physiological states of shivering and melting. One of my greatest concerns this day was whether I should make my coffee hot or with ice.

How nice is not that for a major concern of the day.

So this being my first post on this blog; please feel welcome to become absorbed by my linguistic incorrectness as I plan to proceed this project in written english; being a native speaker for swedish and russian solely and profoundly passionate about creative use of language.

In 96 hours I'm leaving home with an airplane to Hungary, to start my five year long medical studies there.

Now all of you espionaging foxes should find it easy to follow me, you see the content here is very public. Please do not hesitate to ask me any question that I could possibly answer. Nice to have you here.

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  1. Some weird word choices but you start off strong.


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