Good times pass by too fast..! I'm going back to Hungary on Friday already.

Now when I'm home in Sweden I feel like I was never away... but I would like to refuse going back. Next Monday school is running and my life in Sweden will start to feel like life in another world. And I will wait for four months or five to return here...

It is not that horrible in Hungary! Haha sorry. But I didn't have enough time at home. I haven't even had time to meet up with some of my friends that I would have loved to see... ohhh.. that's why I choose to work quite hard during the semester and party less during that time, so that I can go home earlier... it is quite hard to find that perfect balance I must say because you still have to leave time for things as exercise and ehh... cooking and cleaning -___-

I do look forward to the warm weather which will come at least 5 weeks earlier to Debrecen than to Sweden. I think about all the nice clothes I can start wearing again :D I miss the smell of spring... but imagine how every time it rains the ground is covered in beetles. That's part of spring in Hungary, too.

Last spring in Debrecen.

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