A friend wrote and encouraged me to go swimming together in the coming semester, what a great idea. Going to by new goggles later this week, since my old ones got stolen and I haven't gone swimming ever since... grrrr...

Pic from yesterday's workout (biceps, triceps, abs, squats). My muscles are sooore today... I could very well have had a rest day but I don't usually sit down this much, even on a rest day, and was feeling a bit sad from inefficient thesis writing... so decided to give myself a 30 minute home-workout with some of the stuff we have in our basement. I set the timer on my phone and had no break until the time passed... not a common setup for me but I loved it! Strength and cardio in one and very efficient; will repeat.

- Standing leg raises with ankle weights; forward, back and side, 2 x 10 reps each on each leg, no rest
- Jumping on the spot (couldn't find the skipping rope) 5 x 1 minutes, 30s rest between
- 12 pushups, starting every 60s x 5
- 12 side deltoid raises with 3 kg dumbbells, starting every 60s x 5
- 12 dumbbell shoulder press, 3kg + wrist weights, starting every 60s x 5
- 12 stiff legged deadlifts with 18 kg dumbbell, lower back focus, starting every 60s x 2

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