Triangl Swimwear Lulu Tahiti Tango Review

Aaa and the review everyone were waiting for... right ;P

I spent a lot of time researching what size I should get, etc... before ordering my bikini... and I barely found anything regarding the Lulu one. Which I don't understand because what, didn't anyone buy this one!? I love tie bikinis. So here's one for all confused souls out there.

Sizing - went with size S in both top and bottom. I'm a 75A and usually wear S for bottoms. Was recommended to go with XS on top but I'm glad that I didn't... as you see the coverage for the top is pretty small although S is recommended for a B cup. Go with the larger size, especially if you are tall. (I'm 172 cm)

Fit and feel - The colours of the fabric are sooo nice and I really like the fit. Bottoms are not full coverage, but also not a brazilian model so a crease will form. At least for someone with my anatomy hehe.

Swimming - the top is very stable and you can dive with it. Bottoms however... not at all for swimming as the fabric is thick and doesn't filter water. So swim slowly or they will come off :) or pair the top with stable bottoms for swimming (what I do).

Care - tricky to store it completely flat, but you must or a crease will form. If something lies on top of the bikini for a longer time there will be a mark. It goes away after some day... but I once squeezed excess water out of my bikini top after washing it and it still has faint creases from that. Sand and/or other particles get stuck in the fabric easily but just shower straight on them and they go away in a second.

Shipping - Uuugh! Ordered to Hungary which meant that Fedex were responsible for my delivery. My order got stuck in customs, which I discovered myself as my order never came. Called them, they "didn't have my email adress" and were "unable to call my cell phone". Right... how could they email me my tracking number if they didn't have my email. Apart from customs I also had to pay a sum of money to Fedex for every day that the package was stuck in customs. Plus I owed Fedex a sum worth 2,5% of the total price of my order. Be aware of this if Fedex will deliver to your country. You can find out on the Triangl website.

Overall I would never order to Hungary again but I want another bikini :PPP

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