Mickey cool

And it's here, the rainstorm... here to stay for a while. WELL.

You know... sometimes I'm so confused, fashion wise. Feeling like don't have a sense of style and don't really know what kind of clothes I like. I just like some stuff. Mostly I wear really simple, comfortable clothes and pull it off, seriously, ONLY because of my figure. Jeans, tights, tight tops and crop tops. My younger years were a disaster but at least I thought I had style? Haha. Now I'm confused, and aware. Being in clinics a lot doesn't help either because I don't find it hygienic to wear nice clothes in the clinic... hello super basic.

Another thing is that I spend 90% of my mornings on breakfast, I do not function properly without a good breakfast. So I'm always late for school even though it only takes me 10 minutes to walk there. Therefore I ALWAYS reach for something that I don't need to iron... meaning 3/4 of the clothes that I own remain unworn for an eternity, until that one single morning comes where I wake up "too early" by mistake and decide to iron something.

It has been like this for so long that I feel like an alien when I dress up for something. I feel afraid to wear a necklace, earrings and high heels - especially all of them at once. Yet when I see others being dressed up I never think "overdressed" about it, obviously. Mehh, problems ;)

One of my favourite t-shirts to wear, seriously, I love when I find this in my pile of clean laundry.

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