Bye Debrecen

5th year medical student, officially. What!? I remember 5th year kids from before... they all graduated by now. Insane. My grade average ended up at 4,47... I'm simply not meant to get the scholarship. Maybe next semester... haha...

Already home in Sweden by this writing hour. Had a hilarious last day in Debrecen, well spent with Maria V and Eleni. Barely had time to sleep a single hour before I took a taxi to the train station.

4th year was amazing, I have to say.


  1. Hi, sweety. I am inteested in University of Debrecen Medical school. I found your blog from yahoo, you said anyone who has a question please welcome to your blog, so as i am here. I want to know about entrance exam. How many questions will be in the written test? What will be like oral examination? If it is possible, answer me. I will wait your answer. Have a great day!

    1. Hi! When I took the entrance exam 4 years ago, I think it was 21 multiple choice questions. 7 each from biology, chemistry and physics. In the oral exam they asked random questions from biology and chemistry. When I "registered" for the entrance exam I was given some preparation material on my email which gave me an idea of what I have to know. Study that. Also I recommend repeating chemistry (especially organic chemistry) from high school. Based on how well you answer the oral exam + if you pass the MC written exam (I think you need to score 60% to pass) you will be accepted and asked if you want to study medicine or dentistry. Basic knowledge is more important than details, but you have to be able to answer detailed questions as well. For instance they asked me to explain, in detail, the process of breathing and air exchange in the lung. I dont remember so much more unfortunately.. but also had to explain the arrangement of the periodic table, and draw some organic molecules like butane. Hope it helped. Good luck :)

    2. Thank you very much


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