monkey climb

Dennis conviced me to join him on WOD's so I had my first one yesterday... what killed me the most was the 4 x 30 push-ups... there's something wrong with one of my wrists so I must do push-ups on my knuckles. And I have to give rope climing a love-hate stamp. The first climb was like nofeetyeeeh but the remaining eleven more like... owmyhands and me = spaghetti. I'm quite sore this morning and I have a feeling that it's going to be worse tomorrow.

So far I'm enjoying being back in Hungary! I miss my parents, but living with Dennis again is lovely. We came back last Thursday so I've had time to prepare for school properly and see a couple of friends :)

Oh the first day in 3rd year was certainly interesting hehhehehe...

Photos from my last day in Sweden, which I spent with my parents. It was an absolutely amazing day, just look at the weather! Getting sentimental here...

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