Best vs Worst

Just had my worst hair-cutting experience ever, made by the same hairdresser with whom I had my best hair-cutting experience ever just a few months ago...?

I asked for a simple trim, but got some... mess. My hair looks like I tried to cut layers in it by myself or something. I didn't even want layers, it took me forever to grow out the old layers that I had in highschool. Don't know what to do now :( I wrote to him and he said that I will get the next cut for free but I will never go there again... Not only is it so much shorter, it's uneven and random.

Before the cut he asked if we could take a photo for the homepage and I said sure... but afterwards he realised he was in a hurry, we would take the photo another time (whatever it's his homepage). He asked me if I like the cut, without showing me what my hair looked from behind. I said yes but he cut it quite short... "I only cut three cm"... I look on the floor at minimum 10 cm long pieces...

So this is what I saw when I got back home... The photo to the left is after he cut my hair, about five months ago. To the right is right now. So I had a haircut, my hair grew for five months and I cut it and it's shorter than 5 months ago... I never cried over hair before...

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