Tonight I came home from the gym (after an awesome session!) and encountered something for the first time in several years...

Someone had cooked for me!! Dennis made tacos. It was soooo good. Unbeatable to get food served after a workout.

You may think that my parents/mom make me food when I'm at home... but in fact I'm the one who is cooking at home. I served my family food this whole summer, lol! Because cooking is a hobby of mine and I love to try new ideas and recipes when I'm at home and allowed to shop for an "unlimited" amount of groceries. No one else in my family is interested in cooking; delivering quasi-effortles attempts... and my food is pretty good if I may say so... so it's natural for me to cook. All. The. Time.

In Debrecen either Dennis and I cook together or both of us cook for ourselves... so I'm never a sit-downer on the cooking. But today I got home and the food was ready.

OK, it was me who bought the tortilla and I cut the vegetables for myself... but I could simply sit down and eat... LOVELIFE. Cute taco huh!?

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