IQ: lololol

D: Hur säger man hammare på engelska?
M: Hamburger.
D: Va?
M: Hamburger.
D: Va?
M: Va??
D: Du trollar mig!
M: Hamburger!! Hamburger. Hamburger.
D: Maria, hammare!
M: Jahaa jag tyckte du sa hamburgare. Hammer.
D: Aha ja just det, hammer.

How do you say "hammer" in English? Hamburger. What? Hamburger. What? What?? You're trolling me! Hamburger!! Hamburger. Hamburger. Maria, "hammer"! Ohh, I thought you said "hamburger". It's hammer. Oh right, hammer.

Update: Dennis insists that I should add, that he only wanted to hear me pronounce the word "hammer" in English. Of course, he knows the word hammer.

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