Campus forest + first autopsy

привет мам! я нашла новую кофту :)
Dennis helped me take photos of me this Monday. Do I look Italian? Wearing boots in 20+? Hehe.

I had my first autopsy today (Tuesday). Nasty, but not quite as horrible as I anticipated. Phew. Saw a primary tumor for the first time... and I agree with Sonia... it looked really evil. Although the autopsy was super cool, I don't look forward to having these practicals for the whole of 3rd year. It's like I'm going to be relieved every Tuesday after I get it over with for the week. I'm thrilled about the greatgreatgreat opportunity that I have here to study diseases like this, but it's still nasty and these dead bodies were alive just some day ago and I feel like everything gets stuck into my clothes and hair :S so every Tuesday I'm going to wear simple clothes that I don't care much about...

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