Important Swedish things !!!

Felt weakened at the gym tonight... unexpected - no, but not what I'm used to hehe.

Earlier today I had a fika with Daniel, my korean friend from high school. It was really nice to see him.

"Fika" is a pleasant Swedish word; both a noun and a verb; can be defined as follows: "a break from have-to-do-things, including a beverage and/or light snack (unrelated to breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner) with purpose of being solely a nice and relaxing moment". Company is welcome.

As an example, I'd say that anything done at a café, which belongs in a café (but not being lunch etc.) suits in the definition of fika.

Do I have to mention how much Swedes love fika?

Any Swede reading this may help me finslipa this highly important definition of "fika". Unexpected - yes. 30% of my readers enter the blog from Sweden, yet never did anyone of you leave a comment here. Hahaha

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