Back on track!

Aaaah! I love spring in Debrecen, comes so early and lasts for a couple of weeks until summer starts in April. Summer for swedes, that is. But perhaps a lot of different weather(s?) may be classified as summer by a swede...

I wanted to go running for several days now and finally I went at noon today. You wouldn't recognize me if you saw me now, that's how tanned I got. Yeah.

Week in exercise:

Mon: nothing, travelled to Debrecen
Tue: gym (posterior everything, abs)
Wed: gym (shoulders, biceps, abs)
Thu: swimming, forgot to count a lot of laps but counted at least 1350 meters
Fri: nothing
Sat: hungover..
Sun: 5,6 km run (33 minutes) and gym (shoulders, triceps, abs)

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