They "were" on my food

Now I know why doctors don't eat parma ham.

Oh, you didn't know? That doctors don't eat parma ham?

Firstly, briefly, parma ham or "prosciutto" is meat taken from the posterior lower limb of a pig or boar, it is treated with salt and supplementary chemicals, and airdried in a dark chilly place for 8 - 24 months. The duration of the procedure depends on the size of the meat.

Parma ham is usually considered as a semi-delicacy;
but it also tastes exacly like they smell.

They are not something you want to grab a piece of.
They are not supposed to tickle our tastebuds and
They belong to no other surrounding than the dissection room.

Perhaps foremost, the taste of they was a part of my pizza today, due to the presence of parma ham, and so I was enlightened and reached this seemingly poorly founded conclusion. Doctors do not eat parma ham.

Blessed are thou who may find this post competely incomprehensible.

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