Les cheffiérs

Well well well, let's just say that we all stink at this hour. Conclusion holds - it is impossible to get rid of the the apple-cabbage-onion salad that we did at the dietetics elective today. I would say that the taste of the salad was very pleasant, but apparently I'm now making Dennis gasp for air at a one meter distance. This is pretty serious. Really fun elective though, do take it in 4th year if you can. Above is the majority of our awesome team.

Got a lot of things done today, including 2 hours of lab and a back session at the gym. My arms look toned in the photo innit! I think because I came to class straight after and was still a bit pumped. Something bad though, I forgot that we had a surgery practical today which is almost a disaster since we are not allowed to miss a single one!! There is ONE possibility to make it up tomorrow... lucky me.

Alas, I'm off to bed to sleep like a baby.

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