My friend and her friend want to start gymming so I acted instructor today and demonstrated the basics. It was fun and they did really good. I don't have a certificate or anything like that, but I think I could be at least as good as the average PT out there... :P If someone is interested I suppose I could make time for one client, but this is as much advertisement as it gets for now haha. This semester I will probably start giving easy instructions to newcomers at the lab, and might even teach immunology to my own class of medical students next year. It's not certain but my research supervisor suggested it and I'm feeling curious.

Past week in exercise:
Sun: gym (shoulders, biceps, abs)
Tue: 30 min at-home Muay Thai
Wed: gym (back, biceps, squats)
Thu: gym (chest, back, abs)
Fri: 8,5 km run + gym (shoulders, biceps)
Sun: gym mini (triceps and 4x sets of chins)

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