DIY skincare! Wear for 30 minutes or longer. Diffusion rate of fluids is generally 1mm per hour.

- 1/2 aspirin - dissolves dead skin and impurities, anti-inflammatory
- 1 teaspoon honey - antiseptic and moisturising
- 1 raspberry - vitamin C, resveratrol (antioxidants) and seeds for peeling
- 1 blackberry - vitamin C, resveratrol and seeds for peeling

Not sure why I've been especially concerned with beauty remedies lately, but it is so. Even went for my first bikini wax last Friday with Bendy and Eleni... hurt as expected... not necessarily worse than I thought. And cost 1500 forints!! That's less than what you pay for buying the cheapest wax in a drugstore in Sweden to go home and torture yourself with.

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