I woke up 6AM today and yesterday which is a good start. Hate how I was awake during the night and slept through the day.. never want to live like that again -____- I realllyy can't deal with the next exam period like I did with this one. I need to plan better and be much more disciplined... At the end of the semester my plan was to go through the exam period intensively and fast, to finish around the 20 of June.. but once I started studying I felt too exhausted and decided to take it slow after all... ended up lazy and inefficient AND I didn't have time to work out properly. BLAEEH.

The trip home with Dollal and Hayaan was hilarious. I feel lucky to have these guys with me in Hungary.

NOW: I'm at the countryside with my family!! Yesterday I went on an 11 km walk with my parents in the forest around here, it was lovely. And I took my first swim in the lake when we got back to the house :D aaahhh!!!! I can't express in text how nice it was!! In the evening we grilled some chicken that I marinated the day before, and my mom made blueberry pie aaaahhhhhh!!!

I'm so happy :) constantly smiling and giggling since I got to the countryside. I miss Dennis though.. but I can handle it :P

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