I swear I felt like giving up last night! The tracts and nuclei and everything... it was too much to handle at once... 10 minutes before the test I was still literaly studying. The examinor gave me 16/20, it's like 80% is my thing hahah. I wish 90% was my thing. I want to improve but I haven't been to the gym for the fourth day now and for sure I rather give priority to my body than to 10% more in the exams. Finally tomorrow after the lab I'll pay a visit at the gym...

It feels good now but I can't relax, I still have the neurohistology written test on Thursday and then there's biochemistry on Monday. At 7 in the morning!! NOW WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT!?!?

Aaanyways... I better start with the histo now or I won't have time to sleep tomorrow night again... I don't have a picture from this week so I'll just put this one. It's Dennis favourite picture and the background photo on his phone hahaa.

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