I'm quoting Eleni, last night is one of my best memories since I came to Debrecen. We started out at Bendy's place with drinks and laptop music. I think we were loud as hell. It escalated pretty fast and we left the apartment in the craziest party mood that I have ever experienced. Club Cool was poorly crowded but we had a blast.

I've been paying the price today. Hahaah... I know how to avoid being hungover in my head, if you know what I mean; the headache of a hangover originates in the meninges and is due to dehydration. You might think that you are not that dehydrated, but alcohol really extracts the fluids out of you. So before I go to bed I drink 0,5 - 0,75 liters of water. It makes me feel sick but I have NEVER woken up with a headache after a party night since I started with this. Anywhoo, I ate some strawberries this morning and my stomach actually said No. This never happened before in my life! Next time maybe I should drink just a little less... but maaen, last night was epic. Too bad I forgot my camera at home, here are some crappy phone pics.

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