To come home to my dear laptop and encounter Google chrome with 25+ open tabs of school material. And PDF:s and PPP:s and ALL THAT STUFF. Aaaalways the same, I leave everyghing open when I go to the test. I should stop because it makes me sick to see my computer like this. Now: no study for the whole weekend!!!!! And as for the test today (neurohistology remedial) it went alright and hopefully I'll get to know the result by tomorrow.


  1. I hope you pass the Neurohistology test. Let us all know about your result. You should blog about it. Also please write a post about the Neurobiochemistry seminar (which was today) & upload the pictures that you took on the seminar cause I couldn't take any picture and I guess there are many others like me too! The lecture hall was too crowded to do anything even to hear the voice of the teacher properly. I'll be grateful if you upload those pics somewhere. Wish you a very joyful, restful & peaceful weekend.

    Your silent reader

  2. Hi there. http://www.mediafire.com/?jrjuzdnan2n61
    I put the photos on the link, not all have perfect resolution but I think those are the same as the lecture slides right? So if there's something you can't read then check the same slide in the lectures =)
    Yeah it was really hard to hear!! But as far as I know he didn't say anything which you can't find in the slides.

    Great weekend to you too, hope your exams went well so far.

  3. Thanks a million! You are so responsive & nice. This is a great value which you can't find in many people these days but you have it at its best. I have no idea about the Neurobiochem lecture slides but I will compare those to your pics.

    Best wishes to you


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