20 confessions

Why not. Especially when I have to study - if anyone cares.

- I'm shy unless I'm in a good mood
- I have excel files with statistics on parameters in my life such as milk consumption, menstrual cycle ... etc.
- I only scored 100% on a test once in my life. It was in high school at math (Matte A) haha...
- I was in love with Orlando Bloom when I was 13 and fantasised about how I was his girlfriend
- I think that I can't focus on one single thing for more than 15 minutes
- 9/10 times I can't spell "exercise" without looking it up
- I get anxious if I don't carry some sort of pocket mirror
- I like One Direction and play their Top 50 songs on YouTube sometimes
- I can't bitch. I would never win a battle hahaa
- I love myself more than anything else
- I have the general attitude that I can get any guy that I want, so if a cute guy is actually not interested I get awkwardly, internally confused and disappointed EVEN THOUGH I have a boyfriend just because the behaviour interferes with my exaggerated ego
- I want to be a vegetarian but I'm allergic to both fish egg and nuts so it's a hopeless case...
- I have been the slowest eater my whole life. I had to sit alone and eat in both kindergarden and early primary school because there was no point to wait for me to finish my food
- I only use free foundation samples because I don't want to buy one since I don't want to start using foundation (??)
- One of my essential skin care products is scotch tape
- I played almost exclusively with boys until I was 11
- If I have to throw away food I place it in the center of a huge bush when nobody sees so that some animal can eat it
- I easily cry
- I can leave worn clothes in piles on the floor for several days
- For many years, until two months ago, I set my clocks appx. 15 minutes ahead to help me arrive to places on time

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