Take it easeyy

"This is it. It's my last food. I put everything I had. It's tasty... But this is the end. I'm out of toiletpaper too."

After having read 5 year old posts of my own blog, I can clearly state: HAHA how could I be so worried all the time!? Every single post gives a glimpse of an impending doom. Is this really the life of 1st year students... wow... I remember it was hard but my mentality has changed so much through medschool that I can barely relate to the thoughts I had at that time. Including all but the toilet paper, I can still relate to that. And how does it take more than five years for wisdom teeth to come out...? because this part of my life really hasn't changed.

Stopped by the gym this morning with my father, so nice to get it done early! Did shoulders and abs. The whole afternoon has been absolutely idyllic like agwagawegge I could not ask for a lovelier summer day.

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