x4 stories, true story

1. I needed stitches on my scalp twice, once when I was 6 years old and once when I was 9. But on the second occasion that doctor chose to use tissue glue instead (I think she was a student similar to myself) and I now have a thick scar on my hairline right above my face. Kids, make sure to get your stitches done.

2. I might seem strong or like I'm not so sensitive, but I actually cry really easily. I cry when I feel blissful, I cry when I'm arguing and I cry every time I see a disney movie. I basically cry with every strong emotional response that I have. I may be able to resist crying in public, but as soon as I get home I'll be sobbing the same second that I close the door. It's annoying especially when I'm arguing because I really have a hard time controling it. And if I'm almost crying, really trying not to, and someone asks me why I'm crying... there's no stopping me. Haha oh my god whyyy.

3. I drink a lot of milk. I think it's a Swedish thing... but seriously... I used to drink more than two liters a day, now I hope that I'm down closer to one liter. It's the main thing that I shop for at the grocery store. Milk has a lot of nutrients, vitamins and is very protein rich, but for a yet unknown reason high amount milk consumers have a higher overall mortality i.e. milk lovers die earlier than average consumers. Doomed :)

4. I wasn't interested in Dennis at first, he tried to kiss me after a party and I was so surprised and turned him down. Some two months later I had friends over at my house and suddenly decided that I was going to kiss him (I was tipsy of course). He wasn't the serious type back then so I was actively working hard to make him fall in love with me for over a year. I would probably do it again, sneaky like that.

Hope you liked these, haha. I felt like writing a bit tonight.

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