Oh my, I need to go on a run, but I will never go on a run past 9 PM again. Last time I did that I scared away 10 deers, ran aside a wheezing badger (it ran next to me for like 20 meters) and finally got stopped, by momma moose and her 500 kilogram baby. That one time was enough. Had a small home workout today after a minor viral infection and feeling ready for some gym tomorrow. Pics from this afternoon when I was avoinding finishing my thesis. Nice tan ye?

Ohh and remember the 2 kg's I gained this semester - they are gone. I'm back at 57 kg's, damn... and that's with clothes on. It just happens after every exam period....

Past week in exercise:
Wednesday: gym (biceps, triceps, abs)
Thursday: nothing
Friday: gym (back, deadlifts, abs)
Saturday: gym (chest, butt, abs)
Sunday: nothing
Monday: nothing
Tuesday: home workout with kettlebells (shoulders, squats) + abs

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