Have you ever thought about how much dietary protein we waste on bodyhair. Must be ridiculous amounts, at least for someone like me ye. And I just watched it float away in the bathtub.

Can't believe that I still have readers, I love you. I deeply hope you were easedropping on my instagram since I've been posting there but couldn't find time for typing. Got a keyboard for my tablet today and gooooose it's so much nicer to type. Although I had to cut my nails down to be able to type properly as it is indeed very small. I also got it 50% off because the user manual was missing. Yeeeh.

One week of neurology practice has passed... coolio... I worked out 5/7 days, including a crossfit class with Vanessa (we are going back tomorrow)... Dennis finished his gynaecology practice + exam and left to Sweden today... and here I am all alone... postponing my studies just a little bit more for the sake of a hello-there blogpost.

Do you know what time it is - it's time for a good damn cup of peppermint tea.

xxxxx me last Friday after practice lololol

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