Et now

I left my dalmatian laptop in Sweden and can only blog from my tablet now, which isn't very convenient... but it works. How have you all been?

One day left now to the start of neurology practice - I'm excited and a bit scared, haha. I really hope that I can arrive on time, lay low and finish it punishment free. Yes neurology in Debrecen is that intense apparently.

Good things - was so cosy to have Matilda and Max over. Dennis and I visited the Finnish embassy in Budapest and got the documents ready aaand after almost two weeks of irrgular training I could finally go to gym yesterday. Yes that fits under good things haha.

Less good things - got food poisoned for the first time in my life which was... such an awful experience... that lasted just one day and not more. THANKFULLY I got rid of it quick... I swear that yoghurt is key... Sadly I got sick from food at Leroy so won't return to them anymore since this means they lack hygiene in their kitchen... Oh and I left my new mineralizer from MAC on the train home from Budapest. I realized it when was doing my make up and reached for it... you can't imagine how mad I got, but Dennis can :PPP

Pictures are coming up yay, I have so many and need to sort them through. HUGS.

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