Back! Is the part that I dread the most during my workout week lately. At the same time back is what I'm best at, gym-wise, compared to myself with regard to other things that I do at the gym. Rowing is cholera... but I still have this relative excess definition posteriorly. Which I think is pretty cool haha :D see my triceps? Me neither, and I took this photo during last week's tricep-day, also the reason why I nowadays have a gym day each week totally focused on triceps.

Past week in exercise:
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: triceps, chest, butt
Thursday: rest
Friday: biceps, shoulders, legs quad-dominant, abs
Saturday: at home - pushups, shoulder press, 5,5 km run
Sunday: 10 km walk
Monday: triceps, deadlifts (PB 80 kg's! hehe), abs
Tuesday: at home - jumping split lunges, barbell bicep & brachialis curls

Lacking this past week: back, legs with hamstring focus, not enough chest exercises. Ajajaj :) tomorrow!

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