I WAS IN CYPRUS. Oh my god, I'm in love. With Cyprus, greek food and Eleni's family. I can't express properly,  how happy I am that I was able to visit her this summer. Next up I'm hoping to see her in Sweden in the coming winter. I spent 6 days in Cyprus which was epic and perfect... and now I'm sitting in a taxi on my way to Debrecen... And Dennis!! Who thinks that I'm coming tomorrow haha. Matilda and Max are coming tomorrow however and my life is going to be epic for a few more days before I start my four week long neurology practice in Debrecen. Did I tell you that me and Dennis are moving to Finland in October? More about that later :) before I say bye I just want to share with you that Eleni jogged 4 km non-stop today, for the first time in her life and I'm so proud!!!!

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