Mission: Hide the keys outside the house until he comes back home

A football, I'll put them under the football.
No, it's frozen to the ground.
In the bicycle basket.
No, what if someone bicycles away with it before he comes home...
To hang in the bush?
Hide in the snow?
An elephant, brown ceramic, has a hole in it.
Kinda close to the door.
Definitely an obvious place for keys if you're out of the house.
But quite discrete now that there's all this snow.
Have to bend down.
The keys fell down into its feet.
He's not patient enough to feel around in the elephants feet.
Need to put them just under the shadow.
Wait, thorns.
Didn't see this coming.
Can't get up.
Gonna tear my precious fluffy jacket if I do.
Stuck in all directions.
Have to... lay down.
And roll away.
Roll in the snow.
Ah damn.
There's a big mess around the elephant and the thorns.
Everywhere else is fresh snow.
If someone observant passes by they are definitely going to look if something could be hidden in that elephant.
Have to dilute the mess.
Make it a neutral-seeming mess.
Should walk around the place.
Kicking snow...
Footprints leading in all directions here now...
Someone was doing all kinds of stuff.
Elephant just happened to be around here.
Ugly prints all over.
Keys hidden discretely.
Mission complete.


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