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Yesterday was hilarious, partying with the Norwegian girls, thanks to everyone for a great evening! Basically we were at a Norwegian's house at first and went out dancing just after midnight. Everyone were really having great fun now before school tunes up, the atmosphere was just so pleasant and joyful and dancefloors utterly packed. Definitely one of my better nights out here in Debrecen!

But (there's a but...) I'm going crazy right now after I've seen my ear in the mirror... my piercing has gotten worse again. Almost as bad as when it was at its worst... this is so saddening. I don't know if it got worse because of the alcohol yesterday or because I got hit on my ear or whatever, it doesn't really matter because altogether my body does not like my stud in there at all. I've been fighting the infection for two weeks now... so just ten minutes ago I actually took it out.

Veery dissapointed. I see so many having helix piercings just fine, I don't understand why it shouln't work for me too... Huhu. I don't know but after two weeks now I just feel like it's a health risk to keep it.

Ehm by the way one of my neighbors is having some sort of kick-ass-huge party right now, 12 at noon. Sounds like they're going to fall through the ceiling any minute now hahah. "Why not, why not."

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