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Going out tonight but don't know what to wear HMMM. I don't like wearing dresses or skirts for dancing, it's a comfort aspect and I don't like thinking about my clothes at all when I'm out, especially not out of comfort aspect..! But then when I see other girls out, wearing dresses, EVERY TIME I'll be thinking so why didn't I wear a dress but then ehhh all my dresses are either very short or very figure-hugging, or both for that matter so again it's not comfortablöö for DANCING. But THEN these girls are also wearing short/tight dresses, so what is the difference WELL the difference be my figure (a compliment that I give myself) which hinders me from going out in tight dresses because me I become too...!?! I'm not comfortable being whatever is that in an environment such as a club. I commonly end up wearing some sort of pants with a short top (for many reasons) but for one thing I don't feel like it at all today and for another it is too hot in Hungary to dance in pants at all! Sweat-disaster I say!

When I think of it I never have clothes for "going out" and always end up going semi-unsatisfied OH but what a surprise Maria maybe it's because you never buy any of this as you sort of never go out in the sense of "going out" HMMM.

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