Nag not swag

Back in Hungary since yesterday! But not quite happy... my cartilage piercing has become infected, now two weeks after I made it. Honestly I regret having it at the moment and I would just take it out (spontaneously feels like the right thing to do?) had it not been that every hit on the net states "DO NOT TAKE IT OUT".

In Debrecen it seems to be possible to see a doctor just like that, if you have a European Health Insurance card. You just have to know where to go and once there, stand in line... No registration, not anything, just find out who is the last person before you in the line and wait for your turn. Being used to the system in Sweden I find this quite peculiar, but today I'm very grateful. Thank you to my landlord and his son that helped me with everything today.

To any student in Debrecen who will ever need to visit a pharmacy after 18.00 or during the weekend; there is one which is NYITVA every day until 22.00, right next to the yellow church! This took me quite a while (and a sweaty bike adventure) to find out today... hahah.

Altogether I'm in a good mood. No party for me this weekend but hopefully in the next..! I cooked a nice dinner this evening and me and Dennis just finished a movie. Lovely!

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