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Five things that increase and/or decrease my interest in a male.
- Was my promised (click) setup, on request; however this was too hard to complete.

Overall, my things of importance ratio looks someting like:
Genetics -
I prefer dark hair, fair or lightly dark skin, any eyecolour is charming... Athletic! Preferably taller than me. I investigate the slope of the shoulders, chest structure, posture, hands, nails, hair density, thighs, butt, eyesight... Facially, for common phenotype, generally north/east European (Hungarians included heheh) and Asian appeal to me.
(My boyfriend is Asian [<3]) .

I made a nice collage for you displaying some handsome celebrities of my preference.

Choice of lifestyle -
I want him to have a healthy lifestyle, as I do... He should be muscular and slim (fatless), this is very important! If a guy doesn't even have muscular legs I wonder, what is his excuse not to exercise at all!? Work-out or sports as a major interest is nice but being profoundly interested in anything at all is (usually) attractive because it reflects intellect and curiosity. It is a plus to be all-round educated and interested in literature.

I dislike: Bitten nails. Long beard. Tattoos... 95% of all tattoos are horrible. Some tattoos are nice, but in my opinion any skin is more beautiful without tattoos. Tobacco, a guy has to be pretty flawlessly amazing to catch my interest despite a revealed tobacco usage. But it's not impossible... Cigarettes tops it, here you may (re-)read my opinion concerning smokers (click).
A hobby that doesn't really attract me could be... playing in a band? Please do if you love music, that is great, but personally I'm a bit indifferent to it. Computer games for an interest is very unattractive.

Personality and character -
I'm open for many personalities, I have almost no specific requests. Still personality earns 30% (I would give personality 100% if it was mathematically possible) because it is vital and an absolute demand that he is good-hearted, responsible and trustworthy -  should he ever become more than a beautiful object to me. Oh but in that case he must be intelligent, too...

To any guy that reads this! These are just MY personal opinions and tons of girls disagree with me on many points here. I know that many reading this may think that I am vain and shallow. This is a summary of what I prefer and there are always exceptions and I don't expect any person to live up to ALL my preferences. Please don't take anything personally.

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