Coffee and chocolate and gossip quality time with the best friend you haven't met in three months!

Stockholm was windy and COLD and awesome :) well seeing Matilda was awesome. I stopped by Karolinska Institutet and joined her for a lecture in Pharmacology, then we shopped for some groceries and made a nice dinner at her house (appartment which she shares with two of her classmates at Lidingö). We had moose steak, oh it was sooo good. Frozen fresh hunted in the forest. Still steak. We had a sleep-in on Thursday morning and went to the Swedish Museum of Natural History to check out their stuffs. Watched a movie about "giants of the ice age" too haha :D Nerd love. I LOVE Nature museums.

I went to the gym this morning with my father and I'm weaker but working out felt really good. Since then we got about 15 cm of snow and by now I'm at the countryside... this means taking winter photos tomorrow with my shitty camera. Yay! :D

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