TA-DA Maria! Apparently three semesters of the mandatory Physical Education elective course is enough, and so I have now completed it. This means that I'm free to go to any gym that I wish from this semester! Dennis already bought a 3-month membership at Cutler and I'm considering to do the same...

Tried Cutler out two days ago... the gym is quite new and probably the cheapest option this semester. I don't feel 100% satisfied with the standard of the machines though as almost all are second-hand and not in their best condition... but they do have a lot more stuff than Active Fitness... although there's so much stuff that it's very tight in there... hmm...

March, April, May... then I can decide to go for workout outdoors or another month of membership which will equal the price of one semester at Active Fitness... yes... sorry Active :P

Pic from the exam period in December. Since then I lost 1,5 kg due to virus and laziness. Grrr.

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