Head mask spa-night

Home-spa evening. Made a hair mask out of honey, cold pressed coconut oil and olive oil. Also a facial mask, minus the olive oil. I'm gonna be glooowing.

The mask will stay in my hair for about 4 - 5 hours to get a little effect from the peroxide in the honey which will lighten the hair a bit. In my opinion it takes at least four treatments for a noticable lightening. Why not just buy lightening hair dye!? Because I only want to lighten my hair a little bit, and that shiet too strong and poisonous and I could impossibly cover my entire hair in dye and wash it out without over-bleaching the parts that got covered in dye first. After all, this hair mask is nourishing, too.

Back before, I tried washing hair masks out with conditioner and hot water, but it took time indeed and at least two washes. By now I've found shampoo (and conditioner) from Alverde that I love!! Most ingredients are from certified organic agriculture and natural essential oils :) most importantly - free of silicones and parabens. I've used their products for over a year now.

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