Ohhh I love being back in Hungary, I love everything about it. Kind of had a shitty day due to personal issues but temperature has been over 20, lots of sun and yesterday I finally saw Bendy and Eleni over dinner and drinks. Missed them so so soo much. And finally I can wear my new denim jacket, can you guess how long I've been waiting for thease days...

Tomorrow I have to turn in my lecture book at the neurology department, again, and get that signature so that I can take the neurology exam... next week... eeek.


  1. Maybe you should become a psychiatrist, that field always needs people with personality disorders.

  2. Maria /owner of blog21 June, 2017 16:32

    But what personality disorder do I have? Please enlighten me :)

  3. It's funny when people hide behind their screens and make rude comments. It really says a lot about the person.
    Maria I think you're amazing and keep it up with the blog!


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