Dennis went home last night and I feel extremely lonely.

Studystudystudy. Makes me sick.

And an entire door-list fell down... on me. A three-part door-list that surrounds a door opening. I like my landlord(s) but when I messaged them with a photo they replied that they don't believe that a list falls down "by itself"... they "don't know what we are doing in the apartment". Actually I think that if a list falls down just after that you've walked in its proximity you are not guilty of damaging property. And this is the third time parts of it have fallen down since we moved here, and this time it even hit someone. I'm lucky it didn't hit my head! I informed them about it as soon as it happened and in a nice way but I got an answer where they are insinuating that Dennis and I are hooligans or something? Then a "please take care of the apartment", but not a word about how it was good that no one got injured, or anything like that.

What a horrible day.

And I'm hungry as hell. Chicken in the oven... at least it smells nice now.

Will I be home too, when I wake up, in the coming Friday?

Tomorrow I'm going to the University, to get a signature, buy my B-chance and sell a couple of books from last semester to some girl...

Something, please cheer me up... I just feel like crying.


  1. I'm sorry

    hope you feel better and you'll be home soon :) dont worry =)


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