I realized that I've been awake since 12.30... noon... yesterday. That's almost 32 hours and a personal record by far.

I don't feel extremely fatigued at the moment, but I've had enough proof throughout the day that I am. Very tired. I was going to the train station by bike and I thought that I know Debrecen well enough to delineate and course through a spontaneous shortcut. This was a mistake, because the weather was lousy (micro rain and cold wind) and the shortcut added more than an hour to my speedy trip.

I tried to open the entrance door to Forum at the end where the door is anchored to the walls... for several seconds before I understood... and then I ordered a BigMac at Burger King. Hahaa... and I looked at myself in the mirror... Yes, this person did not sleep. But then I bought liquor at Interspar and the lady almost refused selling it to me because she thought I was not yet 18. Thank you random girl that found my birth date on my student card! So that's not a bad thing... now I know what I can do to appear 3 years younger.

Now look at this pile of paper:

It is old school material. I recycled all of it today. Hell YEAH. At least 5 kg's. Imagine if everyone were recycling their papers and plastics... metals... what a great difference it would do!!

Also, why did I go to the train station? That's because I passed my anatomy. Wohooo. I got the grade 3 (satisfactory) so I feel fine. Actually no I feel great!

And there is a lot of snow in Sweden!!!! See you tomorrow <3

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